Mexican Kiss

concept, performance-based installation: River Lin

27. October 2017
at Vernacular Institue, Mexico City. 
as the presentation of the residency program Performing a Verb, by 
 Vernacular Institue and Taipei Contemporary Art Center.

Mexican Kiss

The work Mexican Kiss is developed during the residency program Performing a Verb hosted by Vernacular Institute and Taipei Contemporary Art Center in the Mexico City. 

Mexican Kiss is a performance-based installation. Three pieces of painting made by candles, drawing the shape of slash, diamond, and triangle, are displayed in three phases. Before the performance, the candles is raw; during the performance, the candles are burning with melting wax and the shape are changing; after the performance, the candle painting of slash, diamond and triangle have other kind of images.

The idea of burning candles on different coloured paintings (iconic Mexican pink, amber, and cyan) refers to the ritualistic approach to the resident time in the Mexico City. Kiss, has become the verb that River responds to this two-week residency. Kissing, is the gesture that how the candle wax drips onto River Lin’s body during the performance. River’s black shirt and trouser have become an archive after the performance of activating the installation.