River Walk

concept & performance: River Lin
5M X 4.5M, mixed media

15 August 2014

at Taipei Artist Village 
in exhibition Artists at TAV
curated by Chin Ya-Chun 

River Walk (a drawing/dance performance)

How could we visualise the travel of walking meanwhile discover the relationship between body dynamics and its double? River Walk is a drawing/ dance performance I developed and performed in Month of Performance Art-Berlin, ARTPOTHEKE Brussels and Taipei in 2014. This work is based on movement research and experimental choreography related to live drawing. I wonder how walking as a daily movement could become ritualistic and performative. I take a long and slow walk and leave trails on flour with various methods of walking, lying, stepping and falling. 

Different shapes and layers of trails have been shown with constantly changing dynamics of body. The trails reflect the pace and path of traveling, and gradually form the images of a river, meanwhile, conducting the dynamic of body as river in this choreography.