20 Minutes for the 20th Century, but Asian

concept & choreography: River Lin
performer: Wen-chung Lin

Asia Now: Paris Asian Art Fair 2016 (work-in-progress preview)  

20 Minutes for the 20th Century, but Asian 

Conceived, choreographed by River Lin, and interpreted by Wen-chung Lin, “20 Minutes for the 20th Century, but Asian” presents the 20 minutes performing the dance history of the 20th Century. It meanwhile tells the 20 minutes retrospecting the practice over the past 20 years of the dancer Wen-chung Lin, and the 20 minutes we share with the Taiwanese, the Japanese, the Chinese, the Southeast Asian, the European and the American.

With the approach of ‘performing dance archives’ and the notions of ready-made art, the form and title of this work parodies the artist Tino Sehgal's “20 Minutes for the 20th Century” (2000), a collage of iconic choreographies, such as from George Balanchine, Merce Cunningham, Pina Bausch, Xavier Le Roy and Jérôme Bel. However, this “but Asian” is not meant to showcase a curation of Asian choreographers.

Through postcolonial eyes, this performance is tempted to review, in the Pan-Asia, the relationship between the development of modern dance, the westernization and modernity. It questions the significance of the term Asia for the Asian and reveals the negotiated decoding of the corporeal and the subjective, multiculturally. 

Intertextually, Wen-chung Lin’s personal history will be examined, as what makes his body a dancer consists of Chinese folk dance, ballet and the Graham technique. After the seven-year experience of working with Bill T. Jones, he returned to Taiwan to establish his own dance company, exploring his dance lexicon.

In the 20 minutes, there will be a critical reflection where an Asian/Taiwanese dancer performing the historical and simultaneously the present. The performative gesture is the spectacle of "The Other". 

* The research and development of "20 Minutes for the 20th Century, but Asian" is kindly supported by the National Culture and Arts Foundation of Taiwan.
* The work-in-progress preview is performed by Paris-based Taiwanese dancer Shih-ya Peng.
* This work at Taipei Biennial 2016 performs at the exhibition space of "Five Hundred Lemon Trees: An Organic Archive", the solo show of HUANG Po-Chih at Taipei Fine Arts Museum.