8 Days 2 Nights and 10 Artists

concept, choreography, performance: River Lin
in collaboration with : 
Yu-ju Lin, Yu-jun Wang, Daniel Wang, Sun-teck Yao, Shai Tamir, Demian Cheng, Ni-ni Yu, Tien Tan, Hui-chun Hsieh.

11-19 August, 2017, at 
Taipei Fine Arts Museum (everyday except Monday)
part of the exhibition Arena (curated by Jo Hsiao).

8 Days 2 Nights and 10 Artists 

During the exhibition hours over 8 days and 2 nights (11-19 August, 2017), River Lin and collaborating artists take over the gallery spaces of Taipei Fine Arts Museum. Through a string of happenings and performances,
 the work 8 Days 2 Nights and 10 Artists composes continuously altered dialogues between body, time and museum space, dealing with the spectatorship on live work and performance. 

Without any rehearsals, the artists build up performance pieces collectively and individually. There is no definable point of beginning or end of the performance, no designated performance area, no audience seats, no stage lights or sound equipment. The artists use their own bodies as art materials, presenting an itinerant, simultaneous and durational performative landscape. 

This ephemeral and extemporaneous spectacle questions the ways visitors may read object-based work and immaterial work, and the modules of interaction between visitors and works within the context of an exhibition, blurring the boundary between the everyday and performance.

Orchestrated and choreographed by River Lin, during the exhibition, the 10 artists has produced and performed pieces as below:

1. Go Climbing, River Lin. 
2. My Alarm Wakes Me Up, River Lin. 
3. Sculptures on the Escalator, Yuju Lin + River Lin.
4. The Emperor's New Clothes, Daniel Wang. 
5. Write some words for you, Yujun Wang.
6. This is a work, Sunteck Yao + Ni Ni Yu. 
7. The Umbrella is prohibited here, Ni Ni Yu. 
8. Becoming the Post-ready-made art, Ni Ni Yu. 
9. Slow Sculpture, Shai Tamir. 
10. This guy is carrying a lot of pamphlets, Demian Cheng. 
11. This is the brand new Canon camera, Hui-chun Hsieh. 
12. The instruction of Taipei Fine Arts Museum Shopping Mall Floor Guide and Tax Refund, Ni Ni Yu. 
13. Exercise - Imitation, Sunteck Yao. 
14. Exercise - Reading Newspaper, Yuju Lin. 
15. Hey, I'm an art piece. Would you selfie with me, Tien Tan. 
16. Exercise - Texture, Tien Tan. 
17. Exercise - Repetition, Ni Ni Yu.
18. The Pamphlet explains EVERYTHING, Sunteck Yao.
19. One must imagine Sisyphus was happy, Sunteck Yao. 
20. Wiping art, Tien Tan.
21. Dancing with Papers, Yuju Lin + Demian Cheng 
22. A Person in (front of) a Paiting, Ni Ni Yu. 
23. Exercise - Ambiguity, River Lin. 
24. Exercise - being blind, Hui chun Hsieh. 
25. Gazing art - Demian Cheng