An Anonymous Mo(ve)ment

concept & performance: River Lin
photography by Gaspard Noel
videography by Chien-chiao Liao

Gallery SATOR, Paris, May, 2015
Month of Performance Art- Berlin, 2015

An Anonymous Mo(ve)ment 

Conceived by River Lin, An Anonymous Mo(ve)ment is a performance piece made in conversation with Alexeï Vassiliev’s solo exhibition ’Hieronymus’.

In the blurry and anonymous portraits created by Vassiliev, the spatiotemporal has become uncertain and surreal, as well as the the presence of human body in the modern city. The photography is therefore an imaginative narrative in between the solid and fluid.

This performance An Anonymous Mo(ve)ment juxtaposes the body movement with objects, representing the timeliness and spatiality between the material and immaterial as a contrast to the photographic language. There would be an action in this work going to be completed, meanwhile a moment called anonymous is going to fall into place.