La Vague Privée

concept & performance: River Lin
live sound design: Jin-yao Lin
photography by Gaspard Noel
Valeria Motta 
videography by Chien-chiao Liao

Gallery Christian Berst Art Brut, Paris, May, 2015

La Vague Privée / The Private Wave

Inspired by the work of August Walla, the performance The Private Wave conceives a journey where body and sound encounter in conversation with Walla’s inner universe.

While approaching the notion of Walla, River Lin develops dancing movements as the physical language corresponding to Walla’s own imaginary language. Hidden in a sheet of plastic fabric, River moves his body and travels around the gallery space, making sounds of drawing breath as the mysterious text. Meanwhile, the plastic fabric has become a live performative installation by addressing the image of flowing wave as the ritualistic symbol.