My Alarm Wakes Me Up

concept & choreography: River Lin
part of 8 Days 2 Nights and 10 Artists at Taipei Fine Arts Museum, 2017. 

videography: Kuen-yu Chen

My Alarm Wakes Me Up

A performer sleeps at the place in a gallery space with an alarm clock, until the alarm wakes him/her up . The performer then travels to another place and sleeps again, repeatedly and durationally.

This work choreographs a sequence of actions of sleeping and waking as a continued moving installation. It provides a platform where how performers can inhabit in a gallery space with daily gestures, and how spectators/ visitors can be aware of the mobility of time.

This performance can be conducted singly or collectively. The span of each sleep is variable. The piece applies to a public space, a library and other non-gallery spaces.