Encounter Project

The solo exhibition of River Lin
guest artist: Nat Niu, Lin-Wei Lung, Tien Tan, Kaleng Ko 
15 January - 06 February 
at Taipei Artist Village 

Encounter Project: The Exhibition of Our Own

about the exhibition: 
What would you like to experience and take from visiting an exhibition, if there is no artwork being exhibited but an artist waiting for you?

The encounter between you and the artist will be the work itself.

Encounter Project: The exhibition of Our Own, the solo show of River Lin, will be  presenting the conception of the artist’s recent research and practice of performance and live art in Europe, drawing the relationship between the audience, performance and the spatial-temporal. During the exhibition, one audience member, per time, is invited to perform and collaborate with the artist. They might be listening a song, having a walk, kissing each other or doing nothing, depending on what leads at first sight. This will be the work/ performance/ exhibition of their own.

1. There is no slot for this exhibition/performance, reservation is not required.  
2. The exhibition space is accessible for one audience member per time.
3. The duration of performance / interaction could be as short or long as you and the artist like under the limit of 20 mins. 
4. Please queue if needed.
5. The exhibition / performance might contain nudity.
6. During the exhibition, you might be encountering guest artists. 

the artist statement: 
This is a performative exhibition or living exhibition, where ‘performance’ and ‘exhibition’ construct and interpret one another. It means, there is no artwork such as installation, video or painting exhibited but performance, immaterially, as body is the medium I work with. The performance/ exhibition will be presenting an encounter of one audience member and the artist in an empty space.  How they meet and spend time would be the work itself.  

I am trying to question throughout this work as follows. 1) how to consider the relationship between the audience and exhibition space, exhibition itself, and artwork, and the consideration is a creation meanwhile. 2) How live art or performance unconventionally unfolds dialogues and shifts ways of seeing in the institutional realm. 3) How to explain and imagine a performance art work to the public which could not be documented and archived. It’s therefore what Encounter Project: The Exhibition of Our Own looks at. 

There is no any other in the exhibition space except one audience member and the artist. They are both performers and spectators in the performance, and their positions are going to become shifting, ambiguously. This exhibition is also a long-durational performance, the notion of seeing performance as time-base art would be foregrounded. The audience is invited to enter the space, staying as long or short as they like. The artist is constantly encountering every individual. It is a ritual. 

My performance is not to perform, and performing nothing is the performance itself. Pushing the boundary of something well-defined is the fascination of mine, as well as drawing the bodiness between dance and performance art, and experimenting the methodology between exhibition and performance making. Performing the ephemeral, for me, is the vehicle to transform those lines from solid to dotted.