Fable To Be, or Not To Be

curator: River Lin 
artist: Heng-Yin CHOU, Shu-Yi CHOU, Derrick WEI, I-Fen TUNG, Shuai SHIH, Snow HUANG, Yujun WANG, Daniel WANG, Jun-Huai HSIEH, Wan-Yi LU. 
30 Oct- 2 Nov, 6-9 Nov 2008

Guling Street Avant-Garde Theatre, Taipei.
produced by MOVE Theatre Company


How times and generations have changed. How are people aware of social and cultural difference? On the aspect of observing the cultural difference between generations, Fable To Be or Not To Be is festival aimed to bring a thought-provoking platform for new generation members in Taiwan by making theatre solo performance entitled the best character of a year. 

the idea of the best character comes from online surveys in Taiwan, Japan and China that ask the public to choose a particular Chinese character to describe a country for that year. The production sees choreographers, theater professionals, poets and multimedia artists coming together under one roof for solo performances — lasting roughly 20 minutes each — to convey their ideas about anything from entertainment to the economy.

Fable To Be or Not To Be wins the Top 10 art of Taishin Arts Award 2009.