The Oral Movement

participants: Ping Lin, Austin Wang, Boris Charmatz, with Corinne Diserens
curator: River Lin
presented by Taipei Performing Arts Center in collaboration with Taipei Fine Arts Museum

20- 23 March 2016 

Taipei Fine Arts Museum

The Oral Movement: Musée de la Danse in Taipei I

▇ Conversation I When Theatre and Museum Dance》 
by Ping Lin (Director of Taipei Fine Arts Museum) & Austin Wang (Director of Taipei Performing Arts Center, preparatory office) 
moderated by River Lin

▇ Conversation II 《Who is Afraid of Non-Dance》
by River Lin (artist & curator) & Jo Hsiao (Senior Curator of Taipei Fine Arts Museum) 
▇ Keynote speech & Conversation III Why and How Musée de la Danse Matters》
by Boris Charmatz  (artistic director of Musée de la Danse) & Corinne Diserens (Curator of Taipei Biennale 2016) 
moderated by River Lin
▇ Workshop 《The Oral Movement
by Boris Charmatz (for professionals) , Mark Lorimer (for amateur) 

▇ Performance 《Manger
by Boris Charmatz & Musée de la Danse

Who is performing contemporary art and how? Boris Charmatz, one of the innovative artists across the filed of performing and visual arts is responding this question. 

Unprecedentedly, Taipei Performing Arts Centre in collaboration with 
Taipei Fine Arts Museum will be presenting 《The Oral Movement: Musée de la Danse in Taipei I 》comprising talk, workshop and performance revolving around Boris Charmtz and Musée de la Danse ( Dancing Museum).  We are thrilled to welcome Boris Charmatz in Taiwan for the very first time, as a point of departure for developing the long term collaboration with Taipei Performing Arts Centre, the brand new theatre opening in 2017 dedicated to contemporary performance internationally.

The performance Manger (Eat) features. It looks at how we compose the oral as the dynamics of body and dance conceptually and physically and as the vehicle of pushing the boundary between dance and non-dance. Throughout Boris Charmatz’s practice, we will be in conversation with the current and future reality and re-imagination of how contemporary art and performance in dialogue in Taiwan.