What a Fandom: JAPAN

curator: River Lin Ren-zhong
artist: Tao Wei-chun (Meta-Meta Group) ,Yang Ching-hsiang (Yang’s Ensemble), Yeh Chi-wei (Representation Theatre), Liao Jun-kai (Fantasy Theatre )

13-15, 20-22 Dec. 2013
National Experimental Theatre
produced by National Theatre & Concert Hall Taiwan.

New Idea Theatre Festival 2013 /


I have always been intrigued by Japanese culture – film, literature, music and fashion. Just why does Japanese culture have such a persistent influence on me? I see a similar experience around me among my peers – why is Japanese culture so prominent in Taiwan and what makes it so enduring? 

What goes on in the mind of fans and how does 'Fandom' inform the cultural identity of a generation? In the quest for an answer we touch on who we are and look at ourselves in the context of this place and this time. This is what  'What A Fandom:JAPAN' is all about.

According to German sociologist Karl Mannheim a generation is determined by particular historical, social, and cultural processes rather than age. In this project, fan­like devotion to Japanese cultural phenomena is the particular cultural process which allows cultural content to be communicated between members of a generation.

We present four plays about Japanese photographer Araki Nobuyoshi(荒木經惟), the singer Ringo Sheena(椎名林檎) , the animation Doraemon(哆啦A夢),and the pop idol AKB48/ Morning Musume(早安少組), expecting the plays would related to each other to fulfill a whole picture of the generation we live in. 

I would like to contribute the curating work to Japanese writer Ryu Murakami(村上龍), for the words from his novel Exodus to the Land of our Dreams, which is 
so honest and hopeful, ” This country has everything. You can find whatever you want here. The only thing you can’t find is hope”.